From complex interventions to complex systems: implications for evaluation

Event 7 Jul 2015

Mark Petticrew is a fabulous speaker and of widely known in public health. 

He has written articles about Fried Mars Bars, the effects of art on health, another exploding myths in systematic reviews: Systematic reviews from astronomy to zoology: myths and misconceptions, and also being the first person to ever conduct a randomised controlled trial of housing improvements in Glasgow to see if this improved people;s health. Mark is co-coordinator of the Cochrane/Campbell Health Equity Field which is developing methods for incorporating an equity perspective into systematic reviews, and Director of the Public Health Research Consortium (funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme: He led the MRC Committee providing guidance on the description of complex interventions in trials, and he has written a key text book which provides guidance on how to do systematic reviews in public health. He is an honorary professor in the Univeristy of Liverpool.