Global Health Special Interest Event: Reclaiming health from a multidisciplinary perspective

Event 1 Jan 2013

Dr Njelesani from the Capacity Strengthening Implementation Research Unit (CSIRU) at LSTM will be presenting a poster at this UoL organised event, titled ‘Developing research tools to assess laboratory system capacities for the control of NTDs.

The WHO Report on Global Risk factors identified the 10 leading risk factors to world health as: being underweight at birth and during childhood; unsafe sex; alcohol use; unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene; high blood pressure; tobacco use; suboptimal breastfeeding; high blood glucose; indoor smoke from solid fuels; and being overweight or obese. These and other important global health issues are linked to wider social, political, economic and environmental factors, including but not limited to: climate change and environments; community and household power relations; resilience, health beliefs and cultural practices.

Researching these global health issues often involves looking 'upstream' at the causes of ill health and factors that sustain health and wellbeing, often within a framework of health inequalities and social justice and in developing countries as well as the rest of the world.

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