Infectious Disease Genomics

Event 6 Oct 2015

This is the seventh series of meetings on infectious disease genomics. This year’s conference will bring together scientists, including LSTM's Professor Martin Donnelly from the fields of genomics, bioinformatics, virology, parasitology and bacteriology to discuss how high throughput genomic technologies are improving our understanding of pathogens.

Infectious diseases continue to be a major burden on public health, particularly in developing countries. Together with the world-wide rise of antimicrobial resistance, this further emphasises the importance of an integrated universal approach to understand and combat the transmission and evolution of infectious disease agents.

The meeting will also explore the impact of advances in sequencing and functional genomics tools on infectious diseases. The developments have led to improvements in the identification of markers of transmission, virulence and drug resistance, all vital for assessing pathogenicity and the selection of an effective treatment. These technologies promote cross-fertilisation amongst previously disparate fields, and the scope of this meeting is deliberately broad to encourage the exchange and development of ideas across traditional subject boundaries. 

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