LSTM PI Seminar: Human challenge studies in pneumococcal vaccine discovery

Event 1 Jan 2014

LSTM currently manage the only human challenge studies with pneumococcus in the world.  We do this collaboratively with RLUH in order to make progress towards a vaccine that could prevent pneumonia, meningitis, otitis media and pneumococcal sepsis world-wide.  Stephen Gordon will describe the rationale for the work, the history of the project so far and plans for 2015-19.

Professor Gordon joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 2005, with a remit to establish laboratory and clinical research on susceptibility to pulmonary infections. The respiratory Infection laboratory now focuses on mechanisms for antigen presentation to the mucosal surface leading to effective mucosal defence against bacterial infections. The respiratory research team have developed an Experimental Human Pneumococal Carriage model in which healthy volunteers are challenged with pneumococci and the immunological correlates of carriage, protection and clearance are studied.  This platform also allows testing of novel vaccines.