LSTM Seminar: Mahmood Bhutta on 'Levelling the field. Supporting those marginalised by ear disease. Tackling sweatshops and child labour in NHS supply chains.'

Event 28 Aug 2019

In this talk I will discuss two areas I have worked on over the last decade to improve global health equity.  The first is in the recognition and rehabilitation of those with ear and hearing diseases, the fourth most common disability in the world.  This includes training community health workers and surgeons in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda, developing training resources in collaboration with the WHO, and investigating the role of frugal technology to recognise and rehabilitate disease.

The second area is in labour rights abuses in healthcare supply chains.  I will discuss examples of abuse, including child labour in surgical instrument manufacture in Pakistan, and bonded migrant labour in the manufacture of gloves in Malaysia.  I will discuss the work of the group I founded to tackle such issues, both for procurement in the NHS and by international partners.

Mr Mahmood Bhutta is academic lead in ENT Surgery at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals and founder of the BMA Medical Fair and Ethical Trade Group. He is a consultant  ENT surgeon with diverse interests, particularly relating to global inequity. He was formally Phizackerley Senior scholar at Balliol College Oxford where his DPhil was in genetic susceptibility to otitis media. He works with national and international partners on labour rights concerns in healthcare supply chains. He also works on global ear disease, and has delivered training to health workers in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda, and is a consultant to the WHO program on prevention of deafness and hearing loss.


This seminar will be livestreamed and a recording will be available on the LSTM website the following day.

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