LSTM's 115th Annual General Meeting

Event 1 Jan 2014

The formal meeting will last for approximately one hour including official sign off on LSTM's Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013 - 2014 and will conclude with a presentation by Professor Paul Garner on:

“Evidence synthesis for global health:  ensuring sound policies and investment”

LSTM has been at the forefront of developing methods and providing an evidence-base for transparent policy decisions in tropical health.  Our Cochrane and related systematic reviews have underpinned several ground breaking global policy decisions.

One little discussed area is how evidence synthesis sometimes uncovers the dark underbelly of poor scientific practice, with poor quality science, selective reporting and exaggeration of effects being common. We will present some staggering examples that have misled policies and research globally. We highlight how LSTM helps promote transparent global policy formulation, and how we can promote a culture of research integrity at home and with our partners.

Paul Garner helped set up the Cochrane Collaboration. With colleagues in the Department of Clinical Sciences, they co-ordinate a network of 200 Cochrane authors, 18 editors,  and a consortium working with  centres in South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, India and China. Paul and his colleague David Sinclair are on several WHO Guideline Committees, and the work is supported by a grant from the UK Department of International Development.