Methods in Tropical Medicine

Event 16 Sep 2016

LSTM Methods in Tropical Medicine Meeting


  • An informal introduction to methods used throughout the school
  • Learn about both fundamental and novel technologies from the experts

Broaden your knowledge of tropical medicine and be inspired to try these methods in your own work! 


 Professor Jay Hinton    Institute of Integrative Biology, UoL

The secret life of Salmonella inside mammalian cells: Unexpected insights from an RNA-seq-based transcriptomic approach

We know that bacterial infections cause serious diseases, but how do some pathogens manage to thrive within mammalian macrophages? We use RNA-seq to identify bacterial genes that are induced during infection, and I will explain how these transcriptomic data serve as a discovery tool to understand the disease process. This approach works well for intracellular pathogens that are studied at LSTM, including Salmonella and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Mr. Aitor Casas     Department of Parasitology, LSTM

Transgenics for research

Genetically modified organisms (GMO), commonly known as transgenics, are nowadays controversial as food sources. However, they are essential and extremely useful for research. Here, you will find out how useful transgenics can be to your own work. I will explain how they are created using genetic engineering methods and what uses they can have different outputs they can provide through a series of real examples in tropical medicine research.

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