TEDxLSTM’s inaugural event 'Unknown Destinations'

Event 31 Jul 2019



1. An act of travelling from one place to another

1.1. A long and often difficult process of personal change and development.’

Science is the ultimate exploration of the unknown. It is our rationale for systematic study: to build on existing ideas, develop technology, and break boundaries. It is a collective progress. It is a journey.

On the 16th November 2019, TEDxLSTM will celebrate this journey by showcasing a myriad of cutting-edge research projects being undertaken in Liverpool, one of the most important historical sites of multiculturalism in the UK. Whilst anchored in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, research networks have expanded and journeyed across the globe ensuring the impact of the work carried out on the Tropics is in the Tropics, making a very real change to millions of lives.

By highlighting the different issues affecting people from all around the world and celebrating exploration and the integration of cultures, this event will draw upon stories, experiences and adventures.

We hope to enthuse generations of people, foster interest in research, and inspire new ideas.

From climate change to cave-diving. Together we travel into the unknown on a journey of discovery and fascination.

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