AGILE trial now recruiting patients for efficacy of COVID-19 treatments

News article 18 Sep 2020
Healthcare worker at home visit

The innovative COVID-19 drug testing platform, AGILE, is a collaboration led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the University of Liverpool and Southampton Clinical Trials Unit as well as other partners.

Infographic for criteria for AGILE trial inclusion

AGILE has been developed by Infectious Diseases clinicians, clinical and pre-clinical pharmacologists, clinical trials specialists and statisticians. The result is a clinical trials platform that can test new drugs for COVID-19 and identify faster than ever before those compounds which could be game changers in the battle against COVID-19.

AGILE can treat COVID-19 patients for the first time with promising drugs that have been developed in laboratories around the world. The trial is conducted at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Clinical Research Unit, where treatment is carefully monitored throughout by an independent committee to ensure that it is safe to continue, and the first evidence about the effectiveness of the drug for treatment of COVID-19 is accumulated to determine if it should be fast-tracked into large-scale trials.

The design of AGILE means that this can be achieved much more rapidly than when using conventional development pathways for new drugs, so that successful drugs can advance quickly enough to have an impact on the current pandemic. AGILE is flexible and can test drugs that are suitable for patients newly diagnosed with COVID-19 at home, as well as patients in hospital

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