Coffee roastery donates some of its profits to support LSTM’s ‘Bump It Forward' campaign

News article 25 Feb 2021
Baristocracy Coffee Roasters owners, Kate Hudson and Alex Forsyth

A North Tyneside coffee roastery is donating a percentage of its profits to help protect healthcare workers in Africa as they battle the second wave of COVID-19.

Independent coffee shop Baristocracy Coffee Roasters is donating a percentage their profits from the retail sales of coffee bags to the Bump It Forward campaign. 

Healthcare workers perform the vital role of caring for patients as a second COVID-19 wave has hit many African countries. The pandemic has put fragile health systems under considerable pressure and has led to shortages of basic personal protective equipment (PPE), which are needed keep healthcare workers safe. This has resulted in high rates of staff sickness at the time when they are needed most.

The Bump It Forward campaign aims to support healthcare workers by raising funds for vital PPE and basic essentials to protect them until they have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Baristocracy Coffee Roastery owners, Kate Hudson and Alex Foysyth, discovered the campaign on social media after Kate's parents received the COVID-19 vaccine and wanted to give something back to say thank you.

Talking about their involvement, Kate said: We came across the Bump It Forward campaign on social media and immediately felt like this was something we needed to support. We are so lucky that here in the UK we have free access to the vaccine, and that my parents and vulnerable family members have now been vaccinated.”

“As a small speciality coffee roastery, we also buy a lot of our coffee beans from countries in Africa. This campaign just felt like the right choice for us to give back and to pay-it-forward for the vaccine.”

Since its launch over four weeks ago, the campaign has received an amazing response and has attracted over 2,000 donors to surpass a target of £100,000 and is still increasing.

Funds raised are now being distributed to LSTM’s partners across Africa to purchase essential PPE items.

LSTM is asking people to consider donating £25, the equivalent cost of the COVID-19 vaccine, towards the appeal.

Businesses wanting to donate part of their profits towards the campaign can contact LSTM directly. 

#BumpItForward is GROWING.  A third COVID-19 wave is impacting many African countries and only a small percentage of the population is vaccinated.  Rapid diagnostic testing and more PPE will help control the spread and protect health workers and communities until the vaccine reaches them. 

 You can help.  Donating the cost of a vaccine (c£25) will cover four tests and help to save lives.