Diploma in Humanitarian Studies (Africa)

Press release 15 Apr 2009

In the Desert

July 20th – August 28th 2009

Pioneering ‘Fair Training’ for Africa

Africa is constantly plagued by humanitarian emergencies. Disaster prevention, preparedness and response will be effective only if trained personnel are available to develop appropriate plans and implement them in a timely manner. Sustainable solutions to the problems of disasters and development will only be achieved when local people have local access to Fair Training in regions that are most affected by humanitarian emergencies.[1]

LSTM, in association with The Graduate School Of Public & Development Management at The University Of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and Médecins Sans Frontières are pleased to announce:

DHA Africa - pioneering Fair Training for Africa

Just as Fair Trade promotes equitable trading standards that offer poor people direct access to markets and the means to develop sustainable livelihoods through democratic, participative structures, Fair Training aims to promote justice and empowerment by offering direct access to quality assured education and training through partnerships targeting local priorities and providing opportunities for sustainable human resource development in countries that are affected by poverty and vulnerable to humanitarian disasters.

Objectives of the DHA Africa Programme:

  • To provide humanitarian workers with the awareness, understanding and skills essential for effective action as individuals and as members of a team.
  • To identify and promote standards of good practice in humanitarian responses.
  • To encourage cooperation and dialogue between governmental, non-governmental, national and international agencies involved in humanitarian action.
  • To examine strategies for early warning and prevention of humanitarian crises.
  • To create a more effective synergy between emergency humanitarian interventions and programmes promoting sustainable development.
  • To address humanitarian priorities in Southern Africa and the wider continent of Africa.

Taught by experts in the field, DHA Africa is an intensive, multidisciplinary programme designed to encourage students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to interact in a stimulating learning environment in which they will develop individual and team skills. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, seminars, practical exercises and scenarios.

The programme includes three ‘core modules’ in which students explore key issues relevant to all humanitarian workers, whatever their professional background. Students then choose a two-week specialist module which will provide them with a deeper understanding of an area of special interest. The final ‘synthesis’ week of the programme includes student presentations, scenario-based problem solving exercises in multidisciplinary teams, individual and team assessments

DHA Africa is a residential programme and in 2009 will be offered at the Wits Rural Facility, which is situated in a beautiful location, about 12 km outside of the Kruger National Park.

For further information about the programme please see: DHA_Africa

We are actively seeking sponsorship for African students. Your donation will make a difference!  Make a donation – Make a difference! Thank you! 

P & D M Medicins Sans Frontieres - Doctors without Borders


[1](O’Dempsey T . Fair Training. Progress in Development Studies 2009 9: 81-86.)