'Journey to the Tropics' at Pint of Science Liverpool

News article 23 May 2019

For the third year running Liverpool hosted Pint of Science, an annual three-day festival that brings engaging science and latest research findings to pubs and bars across the world.  

LSTM’s Terry Kana and Joanna Furnival-Adams, and University of Liverpool’s Tom Wingfield spoke at Journey to the Tropics as part of Pint of Science.

Terry Kana, Senior Research Associate in CMNH, gave a talk entitled “The enablers and challenges to providing maternity care in low-resource settings” at Oh Me Oh My, in which she explored the challenges that nurse midwives face in Bangladesh and Malawi, and how working in areas such as these with limited resources can often cause distress. Limited resources including lack of adequate lighting and candles, unclean facilities due to a lack of water to name a few.

Following Terry’s talk, an audience member wrote “Terry’s passion and understanding shone through.  What a woman – so many experiences.  I keep wondering why women always have a raw deal in society.”

Terry was accompanied by Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group Joanna Furnival-Adams, a research assistant studying the evidence for malaria vector control interventions, and Tom Wingfield whose talk entitled “Beyond pills and tests: Addressing poverty to end tuberculosis” looked at the impact the economy has on TB, but also spoke about the broader impact that poverty has on communities’ health and wellbeing.  In feedback provided by audience members, they were struck by the intricate link between poverty and TB and how closely aligned these are, and “how little attention poverty prevention gets in the public debate with regards to disease prevention.”

The three talks at Journey to the Tropics generated a lot of discussion amongst the audience as they enjoyed a pint or two! 

LSTM’s Public Engagement Manager, Dr Elli Wright, said: “What an amazing festival to be a part of, Pint of Science is an excellent opportunity to engage with non-scientific audiences in the relaxed and informal venue of Oh Me Oh My.  We are looking forward taking part in the festival again next year.”