LSTM’s 111th Annual General Meeting

Press release 13 Dec 2010
The LSTM 111st AGM

LSTM’s Annual General Meeting took place at 12 noon on Friday 10 December 2010.Trustees, Vice-Presidents, Members and staff heard how LSTM remains at the forefront of the fight against some of the world’s most devastating diseases, more than a century after its foundation in 1898.

In his update on the year’s activities, Chairman James Ross highlighted the continuing need for LSTM’s work, referencing World Malaria Day in April this year when over 100 staff and students joined hands outside this building, each person representing 10,000 of the lives lost each year to malaria.  The Chairman stated that despite the current economic situation, LSTM remains in a sound financial position, before paying tribute to the staff in Liverpool and overseas, thanking them for their “extraordinary contribution to what has again been an outstanding year.”

LSTM’s Director, Professor Janet Hemingway outlined plans for growth and expansion, building upon the success of the Centre for Tropical and Infectious Diseases, which cemented LSTM’s reputation as “one of the best places in the world” to conduct translational research.  Janet went on to outline the importance of the products of this research being effectively implemented within individual countries’ health systems and how LSTM is already well placed to play a role.  In order to support their delivery at regional, district and community level, LSTM could look forward to “an exciting time when we can invest in new people and the next phase of LSTM’s estate over the next three or four years.”  She also praised the work of the Board and LSTM’s staff, “without whom none of this would happen,” saying that everyone should be very proud of what has already been achieved.

In addition to the formal AGM and a meeting of the Board of Trustees, a presentation entitled “Tropical Medicine in Captivity and After – The Far East PoW Experience” was given by Professor Geoff Gill, LSTM’s Professor of International Medicine.  Guests were also invited to visit the newly refurbished Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit to watch a snake venom extraction.


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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
LSTM is a multi-disciplinary organisation concerned with research, teaching, technical assistance and clinical care in the fields of tropical and infectious diseases. Founded in 1898, LSTM has been at the forefront of the fight against infectious, debilitating and disabling diseases for more than a hundred years and continues that tradition today with a research portfolio in excess of £159 million and a teaching programme attracting students from over 70 countries.