LSTM and SITA UK plan for an environmentally sustainable future

News article 15 Jan 2011

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s (LSTM) commitment to improving environmental sustainability has taken a step forward with the introduction of a new partnership with SITA UK. The new waste management contract will see no more waste going to landfill, with SITA UK sorting and recycling as much of the collected waste as possible.

As a leading recycling and resource management company, SITA UK works to find sustainable and innovative solutions, reducing the impact that waste has on the environment. SITA UK will use the Orchid Environmental recycling Facility in Huyton, Liverpool, which uses a patented process flow technology to recover and recycle commodities and to produce a range of sustainable fuels for the production of green heat energy, renewable electricity and low carbon road transport fuels.

LSTM Facilities Supervisor Jeremy Gould said “As our organisation has grown so has our waste, so this new partnership with SITA will recognise our current and future plans for environmental sustainability.”

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