LSTM at the Big Bang festival for the third year running!

News article 3 Jul 2019

A team from LSTM’s LITE led by Zachary Stavrou-Dowd took part in the Big Bang North West on the 2nd of July at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.

The Big Bang North West is the biggest STEM event in the region packed with fire shows, gadgets and robots! This free celebration of science and technology, organised by All About STEM, was targeted at 8000 school children who discovered the exciting and rewarding science- based careers available in their local area via fun and interactive activities.

Zach and the team from LITE and the Department of Vector Biology engaged with 390 school children throughout the day.  The students were in-awe at the various parasites, mosquitoes and their developmental stages on display (kindly donated by LSTM’s Dagnall Laboratory and LITE). The team also showcased ETCH’s computer game Resistance101 a simple arcade-style game that provides users with an interactive and engaging platform for learning the fundamental concepts of insecticide resistance.

LSTM's Public Engagement Manager, Elli Wright, added: “This is the third-time LSTM has been to the Big Bang Fair North West.  It was fantastic to show the diverse spread of work at LSTM and show school children how rewarding a career in science can be. The audience participation and general atmosphere was amazing.”