LSTM celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

News article 7 Mar 2019

Staff at LSTM have been hosting and organising a wide range of initiatives and activities for International Women’s Day, which is always held on the 8th of March.

Celebrating and advancing women’s achievements, in and outside LSTM, activities included encouraging people to wear purple; presenting and organising workshops on gender pay gap, menstruation and menopause, to raising the profile of women working in the field overseas. The whole institution has been involved – even the campus has been lit up purple during the evenings to highlight the move to a more gender-balanced world.

Cecilia Hart, Equality & Diversity Officer said: “At LSTM we want everyone to thrive and enjoy equality of opportunity. Engaging staff in our IWD events means that everyone can do something to celebrate the achievements, potential and contribution of women across LSTM and beyond. This week we have raised the profile of some of the key issues affecting women to raise awareness of the journey to equality – including the challenges faced by women in past, present and future.” 

Another initiative was the ‘Pedalling to Freedom’ display of eight bikes across LSTM demonstrating the importance of cycling and the role of the bike in women’s independence., Each bike was decorated with signs referenced from the book Wheels of Change by Sue Macy, supplemented by a bike repair and maintenance workshop, to ensure that everyone can keep pedalling!

Staff has also been invited to learn more about women’s role in public health in Liverpool with a walking tour highlighting their impact through history by visiting the places where it all happened. Additionally, staff were invited to send a postcard to the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT) to have their say. With post boxes across LSTM the questions and comments will be displayed for all to see and discussed at the next SAT meeting.

Dr Adam Roberts, Senior Lecturer and SAT chairperson, said: “LSTM has a history of promoting the achievements of women in health and science and International Women’s Day gives all of us the opportunity to highlight the impact of some of those individuals both in past and present. There has been a great programme of events throughout the week which has enabled us all to celebrate the contribution of women within LSTM and beyond.”