LSTM commits to pay the ‘UK settlement’ fee for its EU employees

News article 28 Jun 2018

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) has announced it will pay the forthcoming UK settlement fee for its EU citizen employees.

LSTM will take on the fee payment for all current and future EU staff members and their partners who do not have permanent resident status.

In a reaction, LSTM's Director, Professor Janet Hemingway CBE FRS, said: “LSTM is, was and will remain a higher education institution that embraces its staff’s diversity wherever they come from. We have done so for almost 120 years, and will continue to do so in the years to come, when future colleagues will be selected on their academic or professorial credentials and potential rather than their place of origin. To find solutions for the biggest challenges in global health it is vital that LSTM remains a truly global community.”

LSTM currently employs 61 EU citizens, 52 of whom are working in the UK itself. In total LSTM employs 547 staff on a UK contract (per June 2018).

The decision follows the recent announcement of the UK government’s Home Office, which unveiled details of the “settlement scheme” for EU citizens. The fee of £65 per individual is part of a wider application process for EU citizens who want to stay in the UK after Brexit. It is scheduled to come into force later this year.