From Public Engagement to Impact

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 

Dr Cruickshank discusses her passion for public engagement, shares examples from her own and others work and discusses the challenges and delights of doing public engagement.

Dr Sheena Cruickshank is a Senior Lecturer in Immunology in the University of Manchester and also the University Academic Lead for Public Engagement with Research. In addition she acts as the Public Engagement secretary and trustee for the British Society for Immunology (BSI). She has just been awarded an AAAS Leshner Fellowship for public engagement with Science
Her research aims to understand how immune responses in the gut response are initiated and controlled in response to infection and/or inflammation. Her PE work links and adds to this research and focuses on two interlinked projects- promoting infection awareness and enabling access to science for non-native English speakers and Working with communities to understand allergies and the impacts of pollution (#BritainBreathing).
Dr Cruickshank has received awards and commendations for her outreach including the Royal Society of Biology Awards and NCCPE Engage finalist and has made various TV and radio appearances such as BBC breakfast and The Infinite Monkey Cage.