LSTM 125 Lecture: Antimicrobial Resistance; where next? Dame Sally Davies

Dame Sally Davies

LSTM celebrates its 125th year anniversary in 2023. As part of a schedule of events for the occasion, we are hosting a series of lectures featuring prominent UK scientists and thinkers.

As part of this series, Professor Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, delivered a lecture entitled: ‘Antimicrobial Resistance; where next?’

Recording date: 7 November 2022

As the 40th Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University, and Chief Medical Officer for England and Senior Medical Advisor to the UK Government, 2011-2019, Dame Sally brings rigour and insight to this topic. The lecture explores the following concepts and their role, with regards to the fact that AMR numbers are higher than previously thought:

  • Interconnectedness between human, animal and environmental considerations and how these contribute to AMR
  • What can be done to improve our knowledge within the ‘One Health’ areas, including genomic surveillance
  • The role of funding and market landscape for new antimicrobials. Is it inescapable that we need new antibiotics? How can we navigate our way through funding and market bottlenecks to success?
  • Dame Sally’s own instrumental involvement in the UK’s response to AMR funding and challenges