Sustainable Capacity for Africa Vector Control Research and Product Development

Project 8 Oct 2018

To learn and share lessons about how vector control trial sites in Sub-Saharan Africa can achieve and sustain GLP certification

Working in partnership with IVCC, the Centre for Capacity Research will investigate how Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification was achieved by the PAMVERC-KCMUCo trial site in Moshi, Tanzania, so that lessons learnt and best practice can be applied to other African trial sites in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and Tanzania. CCR will also work with the PAMVERC-KCMUCo site to develop a strategy, action plan and progress indicators to support long-term GLP certification sustainability.

The CCR aim is to systematically document how vector control capacity was developed at the PAMVERC-KCMUCo trial site, including identifying the enablers and barriers that influenced the development of capacity to achieve GLP certification, and how these were leveraged or overcome. The research will generate a case study of the PAMVERC-KCMUCo site, using key informant interviews, observation at the facility, and a review of documentation. CCR will conduct a high-level review of the progress of other vector control trial sites towards GLP certification, and map the barriers and enablers at these sites, comparing to those at PAMVERC-KCMUCo. Opportunities for translation of learning across sites both regarding achieving GLP certification will be identified to ensuring that GLP certification is sustainable.

The programme will run from January 2018 until December 2019.


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