2018 LIV-TB Schedule

13th December

Drug repositioning for tuberculosis: old drugs, new uses?
CTID Board room 3-4pm, LSTM

Dr Antonina Wasuna, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Cape Town

13th December 

Host microbiome interactions in chronic lung disease
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Prof James Chalmers, Chair of Respiratory Research, University of Dundee

16th November 

Global political leadership to end TB: a report from the UNHLM
CTID Meeting Rooms 1-3. 1-1.45pm, LSTM

The Rt Hon Nick Herbert CBE MP, followed by a Q&A

18th October

Time-to-event outcomes in clinical trials of tuberculosis treatment
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM

Dr Laura Bonnett, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool, UK

20th September 

The UN high level meeting on TB: a unique opportunity to end the epidemic
Nuffield Lecture Theatre 1-2pm, LSTM

Dr Tom Wingfield, Clinical Lecturer, LIV-TB lead, University of Liverpool & LSTM

22nd August 

The epidemiology of Aspergillosis in LMICS : what do we know and where are the gaps
Meeting Room 2, Wolfson Building, 1-2pm, LSTM

Prof David Denning, National Aspergillosis Center, University of Manchester, UK

19th July  Studying the intrapulmonary pharmacology and immunology of tuberculosis therapy in Malawi
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Andrew McCallum, Clinical PhD fellow, Wellcome Trust Liverpool Glasgow, Centre for Global Health Research  
14 June  Tuberculosis contact tracing in London 
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Sean Cavany, Post-doctoral scientists, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
17th May  IMPALA: The next big eye deer in Lung Health and TB
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Kevin Mortimer , Reader in Respiratory Medicine, LSTM 
19th April Screening for latent TB infection in people living with HIV : guidelines versus real-world practice in a UK HIV centre 
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Steven Aston, NIHR Clinical Lecturer, IGH, University of Liverpool
15th March Genetic diversity helps detect recent tuberculosis transmission
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Preye Ayabina, Research Assistant, LSTM
15th February  An update on the prevention and cure of tuberculosis in children
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Dr Paddy McMaster, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. 
18th January The health economics analysis and an update on the STREAM study
CTID Board room 2-3pm, LSTM
Laura Rosu, Health Economist, LSTM