MRC DTP/CASE: How to apply

These notes are intended to assist you in completing your MRC DTP/CASE application form online as efficiently as possible. Please read through these notes carefully before beginning your application, and ensure that you complete all relevant sections of the application form in full. When submitting your application, you should also attach any relevant supporting documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that relevant documents are attached to your application.

The call for applications for the 2020-21 round of studentships is now CLOSED. 

If you have any questions, please contact the MRC DTP/CASE Team at Please bear in mind that the MRC DTP team receive a high volume of queries regarding the programme and are unable to respond to enquiries during the winter break, therefore please ensure that you submit any questions or highlight any issues with your application as far in advance of the deadline for submission as possible.

All applications for the MRC DTP/CASE programme are made online via MyLSTM

If you have not previously applied for an LSTM programme, or registered for MyLSTM you will first need to register.

      • Once your registration is complete, please login and select the tab ‘Click here to start a new application’
      • From the section ‘Choose your programme/course’, select ‘Research Programme’ from the drop-down menu
      • The option ‘MRC Doctoral Training Programme: 20/21’ will appear in the ‘Results’ section below
      • Select the ‘Apply’ button to the right of the screen

1. Welcome

Please indicate how you heard about this programme / course.

2. Personal Details

Please give your name exactly in the format that it appears in your passport. If you have ever held any previous names, please also indicate this.

You should also complete all fields related to contact details, country of birth, and nationality.

You will be required to upload a scanned copy of a current, valid passport, or alternative identification.

3. Address Details

Although most of our correspondence with you will be via email, we may, on occasion, be required to send something via post.

Please provide details of your permanent home address, which is the address where you usually live. If you prefer correspondence to be sent to a different address, then please also complete the Correspondence Address section. If your correspondence address changes, please contact us immediately.

The address details you provide will form part of the criteria that we will use to determine your eligibility with regards to the residency requirements linked to this studentship. See Funding and Eligibility for further details.

4. Study & Research

Applicants can select up to three project titles from the list provided. This should be done in consultation with the PhD Opportunities page.

You must select at least one project in order to progress your application, however it should be noted that this is merely an expression of your area of interest and does not secure a particular project to your application or admission. Furthermore, successful applicants will not be required to confirm their project selection until part-way through the year 1, and will have scope to develop projects with potential supervisors during the MRes component of the programme.

5. Academic Qualifications

It is the policy of this MRC DTP to consider only applicants that hold a first class, or high upper second-class Honours degree (or equivalent) in an area relevant to the available MRC DTP specific PhD Opportunities.

Where an applicant does not meet this requirement (e.g. they hold a lower second class undergraduate degree), they may be eligible to apply if they also hold a master's degree with an awarded distinction or equivalent (in an area relevant to their proposed PhD) and are able to provide an award certificate and transcript for both qualifications. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider masters qualifications that have not yet been awarded.

Please provide full details of any relevant academic qualifications that you hold and upload both award certificate and transcript. If you do not have a transcript, you should request this from the awarding institution. Please be aware that this can often take up to 28 days.

If predicted grades are not available for bachelor studies which are still in progress, a partial transcript providing details of years 1 and 2 can be provided instead.

Studentships awarded based on predicted grades will be conditional upon final results.

6. Professional Qualifications

Completion of this section is not mandatory for the purpose of applying to the MRC DTP, however, please feel free to provide details of any relevant professional or other qualifications that you hold and, where applicable, upload copies of your award certificates and/or transcripts.

7. Experience/Employment

Please attach your CV to this section. A CV is sufficient for the purposes of completion of this section however please feel free to expand upon any relevant employment experience using the fields available

8. English Language

In order to ensure that candidates are equipped with the skills to successfully pursue your studies and to enable you to participate in all aspects of academic life, you must meet the minimum English language entry requirements which are available via the English Language Requirements page.

Please provide relevant evidence where required.

9. Personal Statement

This section gives you the opportunity to explain broadly:

  • Why have you chosen this programme?
  • Why do you want to study at LSTM / Lancaster?
  • What do you hope to gain from your studies?
  • How does this application fit with your career plans?
  • What skills and/or experience would you bring to the PhD community?
  • What long-term benefits do you envisage?

You are able to upload a personal statement to this section rather than completing the provided fields, however you must ensure that your statement provides responses to each of the questions within this section.

10. Fees and Funding

Please select ‘MRC Doctoral Training Partnership’ from the drop-down menu.

11. References

Please provide the names and contact details of 2 suitable referees who have indicated that they are willing to be approached to provide a reference for you. Please ensure that you select ‘Add Another Referee’ in order to add details of a second referee before submitting your application.Referees should be senior academic and/or professional persons who are currently, or have recently been responsible for supervising you; friends and family are not acceptable.

When applying for the MRC DTP you are not required to upload reference letters. If you do have references at hand which you feel are relevant to this programme and are dated within the past two years then you are able to upload these, if they meet the above requirements.

You should ensure that at least 1 reference is submitted by the deadline in support of your application.

12. Visa and Immigration

Please select the relevant option from the drop-down menu when/if presented.

13. Equal Opportunities

Please complete as fully as possible.

Your data will not be disclosed for other purposes outside of LSTM's Student Data Privacy Statement

14. Declaration

You can save and return to your application if you do not intend to complete it in one sitting.

If you feel that you have completed all mandatory fields of the application, and attached all required documentation and are happy for your application to be reviewed you should see a button in the bottom right corner of the screen that invites you to ‘SUBMIT’.

Until you have selected ‘Submit’ your application will remain in ‘Draft’ format and will not be reviewed