Charlotte Dawson

I graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Liverpool in 2016. It was during my second year that I first became interested in global health and through my honours project that I discovered the issues surrounding snakebite. I found it astounding that something with a high death toll in Africa alone and that leaves many survivors permanently disfigured or disabled, could be categorised as a neglected tropical disease. Following further research, a visit to the Alistair Reed venom unit at LSTM (and arguably the effects of a childhood spent watching Steve Irwin) I decided to apply for the MRC DTP programmes relating directly to snakebite.
As well as developing an interest in global health, whilst at Liverpool I was also granted funding for a summer research placement by the BBSRC in 2015, looking at “Photothermal Imaging of Gold Nanoparticles”. Outside of the lab I have been involved in a scheme run by Liverpool Guild of Students since 2014 which aims to get primary school children engaged with science, something I have found incredibly rewarding and hope to continue. Beyond science I’m most frequently found either baking, or reading accompanied by a cake or two!