Flow Cytometry training

The Flow Cytometry and Imaging Facility offers training programs for Beginner Flow Cytometry. This training will include an introduction to basic cytometry related to our instruments and how it works. 

The topics covered are as follows:

  • Brief introduction to the flow cytometer
  • How to develop a multicolour panel
  • Compensation
  • FacsDiva and Spectral Flow overview
  • Maintenance and safety 

Greater understanding of the instrument will lead to improved experimental design and data. The training will introduce new users to the hardware and software of our instruments. This training is not meant to provide immediate self-sufficiency but rather get familiar with the basic concepts needed for you to start your work. As a recommendation after the training the user will plan and perform their next experiment with the assistance of a flow cytometry staff member.

Training Fees:



Tariff (hourly rate)


Internal LSTM

50 GBP


External academic

60 GBP


External non-academic

80 GBP

Please contact the Flow Cytometry Manager, Dr Jesús Reiné Gutiérrez for more information 

TEL:  +44 0151 705 3361 – Lab (3714)