Amy McLeman

Post-doctoral Research Associate

I graduated from Bangor University with a BSc in Zoology and Conservation in 2012 followed by an MSc from the University of Exeter (UoE) in Conservation and Biodiversity in 2013. During my MSc I worked on bacteriophage for treating tomato plant infections which lead to my research with the UoE Medical School. There I continued working on phage and their co-evolution with bacteria and went into discovery of novel antimicrobials from seaweeds. Immediately prior to my move to LSTM I completed my PhD at the University of Exeter on the discovery and screening of novel pesticidal compounds.

I moved to LSTM in April 2021 and now work with Adam Roberts and his research group on the iiCON project and Swab and Send. We aim to identify novel antimicrobial products from environmental samples and are in the process of creating an isolate library. In my role I am particularly focused on fractionating samples from isolates that show activity against MDR indicator strains to identify their active components. If you are interested in getting involved by taking swabs of your home please get in touch!

Selected publications

  • 'Fly-Tox: A panel of transgenic flies expressing pest and pollinator cytochrome P450s.' McLeman A, Troczka BJ, Homem RA, Duarte A, Zimmer C, Garrood WT, Pym A, Beadle K, Reid RJ, Douris V, Vontas J, Davies TGE, Ffrench Constant R, Nauen R, Bass C. Pestic Biochem Physiol. (2020)

    'No effect of natural transformation on the evolution of resistance to bacteriophages in the Acinetobacter baylyi model system.' Amy McLeman, Pawel Sierocinski, Elze Hesse, Angus Buckling, Gabriel Perron, Nils Hülter, Pål Jarle Johnsen & Michiel Vos. Scientific Reports volume 6, Article number: 37144 (2016)