Beth Poulton

PhD Student

I was awarded a BSc with honours in Parasitology from the University of Glasgow in June 2017 prior to starting my PhD at LSTM in October 2017. I complete two research projects during this degree: A summer project studying a novel luciferase in trypanosomes and optimising a system for in vivo imaging; and a project studying the role of Aurora kinase III in trypanosomes.

My PhD will focus on Larvicide resistance in Anopheles gambiae. I will use genetic modification techniques, GAL4/UAS and CRIPR-Ca9, to investigate the effect of enzyme overexpression and target mutation respectively on susceptibility to larvicides.

I will conduct part of my research at University College London with Professor David Sattelle developing a novel rapid diagnositic tool for detecting resistance in larvae. This technology will allow large insecticide screens to be carried out on larvae in just a few hours in addition to eliminating the need for manual counting.


Primary: Gareth Lycett

External: David Sattelle (UCL)

Secondary: Hilary Ranson