Charlotte Hemingway

Post Doctoral Research Associate

In September 2021 I was awarded the degree of Doctor in Philosophy for my thesis titled:
Battle in the Blood, Development of a Mobile Game to Increase Uptake of HIV Services Among Young Key Populations in the Philippines: Mixed Methods Case Study
My interest in effective communication and engagement strategies for public health benefit began during my undergrad, studying Journalism at Leeds Beckett.


My research focuses on the use of digital technology and game design for health system benefit and health related behaviour change. Since 2014, I’ve worked closely with international organisations and professional game developers to co-produce and evaluate game-based interventions for Malaria control in sub-Saharan Africa and HIV prevention in Southeast Asia. Through this work I have established and published guiding principles for the development of digital tools in the context of global health.

I have developed novel methods in user-centred design and participatory research, ensuring the tools I produce meet the needs of the end user and provide a viable platform for learning and behaviour change. While I take a mixed methods approach to my research, my strength lies in qualitative methods. I have led qualitative impact assessments for large scale infectious disease programmes in Africa and the UK. I have conducted focus group discussions and interviews in Malawi, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the Philippines with both health professionals and members of the general public.


TROP 926: HIV & Adolescents - MSc in International Public Health Sexual and Reproductive Health Pathway
Member of the MSc Ethics Board

Selected publications

  • Thomsen EK, Hemingway C, South A, Duda KA, Dormann C, Farmer R, Coleman M, Coleman M. ResistanceSim: development and acceptability study of a serious game to improve understanding of insecticide resistance management in vector control programmes. Malar J [Internet] BioMed Central; 2018;17(1):422. [doi: 10.1186/s12936-018-2572-2]

    Dormann C, Duda K, Hamainza B, Yewhalaw D, Hemingway C, Coleman M, Coleman M, Thomsen E. Evaluation of a game-based training course to build capacity for insecticide resistance management in vector control programmes. PLoS One. 2020 Oct 15;15(10):e0240514. [doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0240514] PMID: 33057401; PMCID: PMC7561117.

    Hemingway C, Baja ES, Dalmacion GV, et al. Development of a Mobile Game to Influence Behavior Determinants of HIV Service Uptake Among Key Populations in the Philippines: User-Centered Design Process. JMIR Serious Games. 2019;7(4):e13695. Published 2019 Dec 20. [doi:10.2196/13695]