Dr Alexandra Juhasz

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

I did my first degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Szent Isvtán in Budapest (2008-2014) where I became interested in parasitology and infectious diseases. I then undertook a PhD in Parasitology at University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest (2014-2018) where I focused on the morphology, epidemiology and molecular evolution of Schistosoma blood flukes of medical and veterinary importance. During my PhD I worked in collaboration with Kingston University in London where I became increasingly interested in the use of molecular genetics in the identification and monitoring of disease vectors and vector borne diseases, later I went on to be involved in a project to produce the phylogenetic framework for Radix auricularia the intermediate host of Schistosoma turkestanicum. I have seven years of experience as a Senior Lecturer at University of Veterinary Medicine and at the Semmelweis University Medicine and Health Sciences Budapest, Hungary and all that it encompasses from being an effective educator to students from diverse backgrounds to providing support as an academic tutor and being involved in academic school administration.

In 2021 I joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate.

I am responsible for a variety of research tasks associated with a 4-year Wellcome Trust Joint Investigator Award to Prof. J.R. Stothard (LSTM) and Dr. J. Musaya (MLW-CLRP). This study explores the importance and consequences of hybridization of human and animal schistosomes in Malawi, specifically in Mangochi and Nsanje Districts. This OneHealth investigation includes inspection of schistosomes in people, snails and livestock.