Dr Alexandre Quach

Country Program Manager (technical) - Chad, Niger, Togo

Dr. Alexandre Quach is the Country Program manager for African francophone countries at the Global Fund and Allied Programmes Unit.

Alexandre has worked in the area of public health for 9 years, and joined LSTM in 2018. He has has a medical degree with public health specialization from the University of Lille, a Msc. in Global health from the Maastricht University and an M.P.H in biostatistics applied to clinical research and epidemiology from the Paris 11 University.

His expertise encompass the design, coordination and analysis of epidemiological and mixed-methods studies, as well as health policy planning and analysis.

Currently Alexandre is leading on capacity-building programs in maternal and neonatal health, focusing on the integration of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria in antenatal and postnatal care. He has experience in coordinating the implementation of health system strengthening programs and clinical trials, providing policy writing, technical assistance, methodological counseling and trainings, developing partnerships, as well as fostering community engagement, in Chad, France, Guinea, Niger, Tanzania and Togo.

Alexandre is leading on the investigation a randomised stepped wedge trial to assess the effectiveness of healthcare provider training on the availability and quality of Antenatal (ANC) and Postnatal Care (PNC) in Chad, and coordinating the implementation of assessments of quality of care in multiple African countries.

Selected publications

  • "Why and how to support depsychiatrisation of adult transidentity in ICD-11: A French study" Askevis-Leherpeux F, De la Cheneliere M, Baleige A, Chouchane S, Martin MJ, Robles-Garcia R, Fresan A, Quach A, Stona AC, Reed G, Roelandt JL. Published in European Psychiatry in June 2019 (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eurpsy.2019.03.005)

    “Engager (avec) les communautés dans un essai vaccinal en contexte post-Ebola (Guinée Conakry): un modèle basé sur les « champions »” Landry Faye S, Diouf W, Cisse PN, Quach A, Sylla MM, Koita MM, Gbanamou S, Sivahera Muyisa B, D’Ortenzio E, Beavogui AH, Yazdanpanah Y, PREVAC study team. Published in Sciences et Action Sociale N°10 in 2018 (URL: http://www.sas-revue.org/n-conception/58-n-10/varia-n-10/149-engager-ave...)

    "Prevalence and underdiagnosis of airway obstruction among middle-aged adults in north of France: the ELISABET study 2011-2013" Quach A, Giovannelli J, Cherot-Kornobis N, Ciuchete A, Clement G, Matran R, Amouyel P, Edme JL, Dauchet L. Published in Respiratory Medicine in 2015 (DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rmed.2015.10.012)