Dr Elizabeth Shayo

Post-doctoral research associate (Health Systems)

Dr Elizabeth H Shayo is a Senior Research Scientist of the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) with BA, MA (Sociology and Medical Anthropology) and a PhD on International Health.  She has worked with NIMR for 15 years in different research projects both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Being a Senior Research Scientist with Social Science background, she has conducted a number of researches in the areas of malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, maternal and child health, socio-cultural determinants of health and health systems. She has been a resource person in qualitative researches and in research communication. She has knowledge and skills to develop policy briefs and to facilitate policy dialogue to share research findings with policy makers. Dr Shayo has further conducted a number of studies focusing on the governance in the decentralized health care system. She has further advocated for community empowerment in the management of different diseases including training of potential stakeholders such as community leaders, traditional health practitioners and community health workers. Dr Shayo has participated in writing four books, 15 technical reports and 32 peer reviewed publications.

Further relevant expertise.

Development of policy briefs and convening of policy dialogues
Creating linkages between conventional and traditional practitioners
Development of training materials covering different areas
Provision of training to health facility workers on disease surveillance
Development of IEC materials covering a wide range of diseases
Development of disease fact sheets
Conducting sensitization and stakeholders engagement in a wide range of health interventions


Selected publications

  • Selected publications

    Mboera, LEG., Rumisha, SF., Mlacha, T., Mayala, BK., Bwana, VM &Shayo, EH (2017) Malaria surveillance and use of evidence in planning and decision making in Kilosa District, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Health Research Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/thrb.v19i3.7 Volume 19, Number 3

    Shayo, EH., Kalinga, A., Senkoro, KP., Msovela, J., Mgina, E., Shija, AE., Materu, G., Kilima, SP., Mboera, LEG & Massaga, JJ (2017): Health risks practices associated with female anal sex in the context of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. BMC Research Notes, 10:140 DOI 10.1186/s13104-017-2452-9

    Byskov, J., Maluka,SO., Marchal, B., Shayo, EH., Bukachi, S., 6, Zulu, JM7., Erik Blas, E., Michelo, C. , Ndawi, B & Hurtig, A ( 2016),  The Need for Global Application of the Accountability for Reasonableness Approach to Support Sustainable Outcomes : Comment on “Expanded HTA: Enhancing Fairness and Legitimacy. Int J Health Policy Manag, 5(x), 1–4.

    Shayo, E.H., Senkoro, K.P., Momburi, R., Olsen, O.E., Byskov, J., Makundi, E.A., Kamuzora, P., Mboera, L.E.G. (2016) Access and utilisation of health care services in rural Tanzania: a comparison of public and non-public facilities using quality, equity and trust dimensions. Global Public Health. February 2016. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17441692.2015.1132750.

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