Dr Florence Mgawadere

Research Associate

Florence is a nurse and midwife with over 12 years of international experience. Her interests and experience focus maternal, child health and newborn health, with a particular emphasis on maternal health.


Florence has over seven years’ experience in teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students. She has trained nurses, midwives, and other healthcare workers in a range of technical areas, with an emphasis on reproductive health and public health. Florence lectures on the following courses: Masters in Sexual and Reproductive Health (MISRH), Diploma in Reproductive Health (DRH) and Diploma in Tropical Nursing (DTN).


Florence has carried out operations research and academic research on maternal health, including research at the community level and programme evaluations in both middle and lower income countries.

Current projects: 

Improving quality of maternal and newborn health through capacity building, and quality improving in Ghana and Kenya
Making it Happen-Improving the quality of care for mothers and babies, UNICEF funded in Malawi