Dr Webster Mavhu

Senior Lecturer

Webster joined LSTM on January 1st 2017 as an honorary research fellow. He later became a senior lecturer in Global Health and Social Science. He is a social scientist with considerable experience in HIV and SRH implementation research, including generating key evidence for scale up of voluntary medical male circumcision in sub-Saharan Africa. Webster has a keen interest in adolescence and masculinities. He has also done some work on maternal and child health.



PhD Social Science (2014; University College London)

MA Development Studies (2004; Leeds University)



Since 2012, Webster has served as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Research (CeSHHAR (link is external)) Zimbabwe. Webster has also served as a co-PI and PI on some research projects including:

the Friendship Bench (https://www.friendshipbenchzimbabwe.org/) for adolescents: evaluating strategies for scaling interventions to treat common mental disorders among adolescents in Zimbabwe

Impact evaluation of the Zvandiri (link is external) programme ; a comprehensive community-based programme of psychosocial care for HIV infected adolescents. Determining its impact on ART retention and adherence, psychosocial well being and sexual health.

Evaluation of models developed and deployed for the VMMC “catch-up” and transition to the “sustainability” phases in order to provide evidence to key stakeholders on approaches that can be replicated in Zimbabwe and other priority countries


Recent Publications:

Mavhu W, Hatzold K, Madidi N, Maponga B, Dhlamini R, Munjoma M, Xaba S, Ncube G, Mugurungi O, Cowan FM (2019) 'Is the PrePex device an alternative for surgical male circumcision in adolescents ages 13-17 years? Findings from routine service delivery during active surveillance in Zimbabwe'. PLoS One, Vol 14, Issue 3, p. e0213399.

Tobian AAR, Dam KH, Van Lith LM, Hatzold K, Marcell AV, Mavhu W, Kahabuka C, Mahlasela L, Patel EU, Njeuhmeli E, Seifert Ahanda K, Ncube G, Lija G, Bonnecwe C, Kaufman MR (2018) 'Providers' Perceptions and Training Needs for Counseling Adolescents Undergoing Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 66, Suppl 3, pp. S198-204.

Mavhu W, Hatzold K, Dam KH, Kaufman MR, Patel EU, Van Lith LM, Kahabuka C, Marcell AV, Mahlasela L, Njeuhmeli E, Seifert Ahanda K, Ncube G, Lija G, Bonnecwe C, Tobian AAR (2018) 'Adolescent Wound-Care Self-Efficacy and Practices After Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision-A Multicountry Assessment'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 66, Suppl 3, pp. S229-235.

Mavhu W, Rowley E, Thior I, Kruse-Levy N, Mugurungi O, Ncube G, Leclerc-Madlala S (2018) 'Sexual behavior experiences and characteristics of male-female partnerships among HIV positive adolescent girls and young women: Qualitative findings from Zimbabwe'. PLoS One, Vol 13, Issue 3, p.  e0194732.

Willis N, Mavhu W, Wogrin C, Mutsinze A, Kagee A. (2018) 'Understanding the experience and manifestation of depression in adolescents living with HIV in Harare, Zimbabwe'. PLoS One, Vol 13, Issue 1, p. e0190423.


Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography: