India Hotopf

Research Assistant

India holds a BSc in Tropical Disease Biology and an MSc in International Public Health (Humanitarian Assistance), both from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Her MSc project used participatory methods to explore experiences of violence in people affected by neglected tropical diseases of the skin in Liberia, working with REDRESS.

Prior to joining LSTM, India worked at Healthwatch in London and spent time with UNRWA in Jordan, with her research focusing on strengthening person-centred healthcare for NHS service users and mental health support for Palestine refugees, respectively. She also worked as a Research Assistant at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she developed WASH behaviour change interventions to tackle infectious disease outbreaks in IDP camps in South Sudan and Somalia, as well as working with the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub, which supports humanitarian actors to implement evidence-based hygiene interventions in crisis affected settings.

Following her MSc, she continued her collaboration with REDRESS, through consultancy work. This included supporting formative research for the Unlocking the Potential of Leprosy & NTD affected people, to pursue Inclusive, Fulfilling and Transformative lives, through a harmonized Community Based Group Model (UPLIFT) programme in collaboration with Effect Hope.

India now works in the Social Science and Chronic Disease Unit (SSCD), led by Laura Dean, which supports the development of person-centred health systems that are inclusive of people affected by chronic disease, disability and mental health conditions. She is primarily working with REDRESS, where she is supporting endline analysis and dissemination, with a focus on qualitative methods.


India is currently teaching TROP702 Research Methods in Public Health

Selected publications

  • Hotopf, I. Chowdhury, S. Dean, L. 2024 [forthcoming]. Community based models for neglected tropical diseases affecting the skin: a scoping review.

    Hotopf, I. Majorin, F. White, S. 2024 [forthcoming]. What did we learn about changing behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic? a systematic review of interventions to change hand hygiene and mask use behaviour. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health.

    Hotopf, I. 2023. Summary report: Defining and conceptualising vulnerability in COVID-19 response programmes. London: COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

    Hotopf, I. 2023. Summary report: Introduction to WASH system strengthening. London: COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

    Hotopf, I. 2023. Learning Brief: WASH system strengthening during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences from the field. London: COVID-19 Hygiene Hub.