Jess Williams

Study Director

After achieving a B.Sc. and later an M.Sc. in science subjects and working in scientific industry roles for around 7 years, I joined LSTM as a research technician in 2013. Here I joined the LITE team running projects and rearing several mosquito colonies for novel compound screening to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards.  

In 2015, I started a part time PhD at LSTM with Prof Hilary Ranson, whist continuing to work as a research technician. I completed my PhD titled ‘Characterisation of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae s.l. from Burkina Faso to accelerate the evaluation of vector control tools’ in 2022. In my current position as Study Director in LITE (iiDiagnostics) I line manage several staff members, manage several projects, oversee colony rearing and directly liaise with clients. As study director, I am the single point of contact for several studies from start to finish.   

BSc Hons - Animal Behaviour– John Moores University

MSc – Animal Reproduction – University of Liverpool

Current Research

Bioassay comparison By comparing the effects of different bioassay techniques (direct topical application vs tarsal uptake) on susceptible and resistant strains of Anopheles mosquitoes, conclusions into cuticular resistance mechanisms may be presented.

Cuticular resistance  The Hypothesis is that expression of specific elongases is elevated in insecticide resistant strains of Anopheles mosquito from Burkina Faso. Elongases are involved in the final stages of cuticular synthesis. 

PhD Supervised by Professor Hilary Ranson and Professor Philip McCall

LITE Technician role:

Updating testing and departmental standard operating procedures (SOPs) to bring documentation up to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standard within LITE.