Jonathan Wood

Research Administrator

I have been working as a Research Administrator since November 2017, where I was hired as part of the NIHR Global Heath Research Group on Stillbirth Prevention and Management in Sub-Saharan Africa at the University of Manchester.

My responsibilities as a Research Administrator include ensuring our research team in the UK and the 6 African partner countries of Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe who make up the Lugina Africa Midwives Research Network (LAMRN), are all supported as effectively as possible to allow them to research and implement real change as part of our projects.

As part of this research group, I have been involved in the organization of the international LAMRN conference held in Malawi in 2018; arranging and organizing international travel for the groups research team, partners and affiliates; and assisting in the management of the finances of the research group.