Michael Lurie

Director of Partnerships and Business Development

Michael is LSTM’s lead on the development and proliferation of partnerships in areas of teaching and knowledge exchange. Michael is responsible for growth of LSTM’s student numbers through strategic expansion of LSTM’s off-campus and distance learning portfolio. Michael is also the lead on the development and rollout of a partnerships framework and infrastructure to ensure that LSTM has the appropriate policies and procedures to support a strategic pipeline of partnerships that is aligned with LSTM’s wider Strategic Plan.  

With over 15 years’ experience in the international sector Michael has led on many initiatives; including pursuing, securing and developing new strategic partnerships internationally within private and public sector organisations; management of  international product development teams, rebuilding of departments with international focus and development and delivery of student recruitment and admissions strategies.  Michael has developed partnership initiatives with governments and organisations across the globe to support their agendas for staff development and capacity building. 

 Michael is consulted widely by Partner Universities and is a regular panel member of several Internationalisation initiatives and forums.