Nadia Kontogianni

Research technician

Nadia completed a BSc in Biological Sciences at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an Msc in Healthcare Management from the Open University of Cyprus. She has worked at the National Centre for Scientific Research 'Demokritos" in Athens, Greece as a research assistant and at the University of Thessally, Greece as part of an EU network looking at children's susceptibility and exposure to environmental genotoxicants. Nadia also worked for 7 years as a clinical biologist in the Microbiology and Haematology department of “Medisyn, Cooperative of Laboratory Medical Doctors”, diagnostic institute in Athens.

Nadia is working as a research technician in LSTM since 2015. She has worked in tuberculosis (TB) projects on drug resistance in TB, in TB REACH and EDCTP projects on tuberculosis research as a collaboration of LSTM with Nigeria, Ethiopia, Moldova and Spain. The aims of the projects are to develop and evaluate rapid and accurate diagnostic approaches for tuberculosis. Additionally, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic she is also working on the COVID research, on FASTER, AGILE and FIND projects.

Nadia is a member of LUG meetings: being part of this forum and helping on the effective running of laboratories. LIV-TB meeting co-ordinator: take part in monthly LIV-TB meetings and alongside Tom Wingfield help and organise these meetings.

Selected recent presentations/meetings:

50th Union conference in Hyderabad, India. 29 October- 3 November 2019: Oral presentation on “OMNIgene and PrimeStore transport media for sputum samples. Can we skip the cold chain?” - data part of the EDCTP work in Nigeria.

49th Union conference in the Hague, The Netherlands. 24-27 October 2018: Oral presentation on “Acute Phase Proteins and IP-10 as first step screening test for TB: could they increase the pre-test probability of a follow-on test?”

Selected publications

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