Suman Chandra Gurung

PhD Student

Public Health Specialist with MPhil in Population Studies from TU, MSc Development Management (International Health) from UK, PG Development Management from UK and Bachelor in Public Health, Certificate in General Medicine from TU, Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal

I have developed guidelines, manuals, resource map, MoHP job descriptions, proposal development (income generation programmes, hygiene & sanitation etc), curriculums, lesson plan & trained health workers, volunteers, teachers, political leaders and facilitated on trainings, workshops e.g. training of trainers, management, communication skills etc and extensively involved in monitoring and evaluation


Nepal Public Health Association - life member

Over 27-year experience of health & development work in Nepal, Bangladesh, China and Tibet

Employers include BNMT Nepal, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Nepal, NHSSP (DFID) Nepal, DHSP (DFID) Nepal, UNDP/UNV Bangladesh, Surmang Foundation Tibet/China, ADRA/Nepal, UMN CDHP Nepal, Save the Children Fund (UK) Nepal

Selected publications

  • Gurung SC, Dixit K, Rai B, Caws M, Paudel PR, Dhital R, Acharya S, Budhathoki G, Malla D, Levy JW, van Rest J, Lonnroth K, Viney K, Ramsay R, Wingfield T, Basnyat B, Thapa A, Squire B, Wang D, Mishra G, Shah K, Shrestha A, de Siqueira-Filha NT. The role of active case finding in reducing patient incurred catastrophic costs for tuberculosis in Nepal. Infectious Diseases of Poverty. 2019 Dec 1;8(1):99.

    Dixit K, Rai B, Aryal TP, Mishra G, de Siqueira-Filha NT, Paudel PR, Levy JW, van Rest J, Gurung SC, Dhital R, Biermann O, Viney K, Lonnroth K, Squire SB, Caws M, Wingfield T. Research protocol for a mixed-methods study to characterise and address the socioeconomic impact of accessing TB diagnosis and care in Nepal. Wellcome Open Research. 2020 Feb 5;5(19):19.

    Rai B, Dixit K, Aryal TP, Mishra G, Teixeira NSF, Paudel PR, Levy J, Rest J V, Gurung SC, Dhital R, Lonnroth K, Squire SB, Caws M, Wingfield T. Developing a feasible, locally-appropriate socioeconomic intervention for TB-affected households in Nepal: a report from a national workshop and review of the literature. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease.