Stakeholders workshop in Morogoro

Blog 29 Jun 2020

NIHR Global Health Research Group on prevention and management of noncommunicable diseases and HIV-infection in Africa (INTE-AFRICA) is a collaborative project programme between Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, MRC/UVRI Uganda, TASO Uganda, NIMR Tanzania and Hindu Mandal Hospital Tanzania and the Ministries of Health and Local Government in Tanzania and Uganda.

A stakeholders meeting was held on 25th-26th June 2020 at Edema Hotel and Conference Hall in Morogoro, Tanzania aimed at disseminating preliminary findings of the MOCCA (Management of Chronic Conditions in Africa) study and introducing stakeholders to the INTE-AFRICA project. A total of 41 participants who were drawn from the Ministry of Health, local government (regional and district levels), health facilities representatives, patient support groups and non-governmental organizations attended the meeting. The participants further engaged in discussions on challenges and potential solutions in setting up and sustaining integrated services for HIV and Non- Communicable diseases in Tanzania.