Glasgow Encounters with Tropical Disease

Event 18 Dec 2015
Professor Russ Stothard

Many of the diseases that are endemic to developing countries in the tropics are caused by parasites. An extraordinary number of these parasites were first discovered by Scottish scientists and doctors, many of whom were graduates of the University of Glasgow. This symposium, organised by the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology which is open to all, will consider the contributions of three of these great scientists: Robert Leiper; William Leishman and Muriel Robertson; and the impacts their researches have had in controlling disease in the world today. 

Speakers include: Professor Russ Stothard

Leiper’s lasting contribution to schistosomiasis and the long march towards WHO 2020 NTD targets”.

Russ will highlight that 100 years ago Leiper discovered the lifecycle of African schistosomes that infect man and set this discovery against the background of his work in Egypt and LSHTM just prior to WW1 when schistosomiasis was then a major military concern. Typical of Leiper, he devised simple measures for prevention and control of water-borne parasitic diseases. Today, for example, the near-eradication of Guinea worm is wholly built on Leiper’s 1907 Ghanaian work, however, schistosomiasis still continues to be a significant global blight. Russ will then discuss why this is so and show how the LSTM’s research, specifically COUNTDOWN in Africa, is playing a significant international role toward optimising current interventions in an effort to accelerate towards WHO NTD targets.

Attendance is free, and registration is through Eventbrite.