LSHTM Dept of Immunology and Infection Seminar: From PK-PD to COUNTDOWN: multidisciplinary studies on schistosomiasis in Africa and towards WHO 2020 NTD targets

Event 11 Nov 2015

Speaker: Professor Russell Stothard, LSTM. Hosted by Dr Colin Sutherland.

Professor Stothard will discuss contemporary research on schistosomiasis and draw attention to the pioneering early role of the London School’s first helminthologist, Robert Leiper, who uncovered the lifecycle of the African schistosome 100 years ago.

Professor Stothard’s recent work in Uganda has drawn attention to a significant burden of disease in preschool children, and he will present the case why expanded access to praziquantel treatment is needed now. Whilst ongoing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) studies point towards some optimisation of praziquantel dosing is required, Professor Stothard will end the seminar by showing how implementation research, as framed within the DFID-funded COUNTDOWN consortium, is playing an important role in accelerating towards WHO 2020 NTD targets.