LSTM Seminar: 'Control and study of the Zika epidemic in Pernambuco, Brasil' by Dr Jailson Correia

Event 3 Jul 2017

Pernambuco is the epicentre of the Zika and microcephaly epidemic and Dr Correira has been involved in the activities to study and control the epidemic. His talk will reflect on these experiences.

Dr Correira is an alumnus of LSTM. He is a trained paediatrician who completed a Masters in Tropical Paediatrics followed by his PhD with Professors Hart and Cuevas comparing the characteristics and immunology of individuals with meningococcal meningitis in Ethiopia and North East Brazil.

On return to Pernambuco, Brazil, he rejoined the Professor Fernando Figueira Integral Medicine Institute (IMIP) where he led the postgraduae studies in paediatrics

He then became health secretary for Recife Municipality in Pernambucco.