Acoustic analysis of cough as a novel technology for the screening and diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis

Media 19 Mar 2023
Celso Khosa

Celso Khosa, MD, PhD
Scientific Director of CISPOC 
Instituto Nacional de Saúde, Mozambique
Thursday 15th September 2022, 12:30–13:30 BST
CTID Directors Room, LSTM, or virtually

Speaker: Dr. Khosa is the Director of Polana Caniço Health Research and Training Center (CISPOC), Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS), Maputo, Mozambique. He did his medical training at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique and obtained his PhD in Medical Research/International Health at the University of Munich, Germany. He was a member of the Institutional Bioethics Committee. Dr. Khosa is currently the Country Principal Investigator and Chief Investigator in several TB studies, including clinical trials for new drugs in TB and HIV treatment in pediatric and adult population, and in collaboration with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine a recent Dorothy Temple Cross Award from the Medical Research Foundation. His main research interest includes Tuberculosis, Digital health, COVID-19, HIV and associated comorbidities.

Topic: A prospective cohort study that has recruited patients with cough as a symptom, in a public health facility in Maputo, Mozambique. The study is designed for validation and optimization of mobile acoustic cough analysis as a feasible technology for screening active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and other respiratory conditions. Innovative, person-centred strategies are urgently required but have limited implementation evidence to date, especially from low-income countries (LICs).