BBC Radio Merseyside with LSTM's Professor Bertie Squire

Media 22 Oct 2020

Radio Merseyside's Tony Snell spoke to LSTM’s Bertie Squire, Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine and Dean of Clinical Sciences & International Public Health, on Radio Merseyside on the 22nd October.

Bertie addressed the recent changes to local lockdown guidelines including Merseyside's entry into Tier 3, the impact that gym closures had on people and the early indications that the tighter restrictions are working.

Bertie ended by introducing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Decade of Health campaign, to the listeners.  This campaign, of which LSTM is a part of, highlights the research being carried out in the UK which benefits the health of people globally. The campaign was launched last week with a TV spot showcasing some of our science and innovation, coming out of LSTM (and the UK) to solve some of the world’s greatest health challenges. The research of Dr Emily Adams and Professor Daniela Ferreira looking at diagnostics and vaccines for COVID-19 is included in this campaign.

Bertie also highlighted the power of pulling together, notably the solidarity of the people of liverpool to work together, despite the challenges, to pull the COVID-19 case numbers down.

Furthermore, how the people of Liverpool pulled together and enrolled on the Oxford vaccine study, with over 200 people being part of the older cohort, contributing the most participants out of all the study sites.