LSTM partner in national ‘Decade of Health’ campaign

News article 16 Oct 2020

LSTM is proud to be a part of a new campaign funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which highlights the research being carried out in the UK which benefits the health of people globally.

The Decade of Health campaign launched on 16 October with a TV spot showcasing the UK’s ground-breaking work in science and innovation to solve some of the world’s greatest health challenges. As an institution dedicated to break the cycle of poor health and poverty, LSTM already understands that by working to make the world a healthier place, we are improving the health security of people right here in the UK.

The campaign will run on TV, radio, print media and across social media for the next six weeks, highlighting some of the people and projects that are working here in the UK to benefit global health. These will include examples from across LSTM, including the profiles of Dr Emily Adams and Professor Daniela Ferreira and their respective work on diagnostics and vaccines for COVID-19, as well as various projects such as LSTM’s snakebite research; the drone project in Nepal distributing TB medication and ‘Tiny Targets’, an innovative campaign in several African countries to control the tsetse fly which causes sleeping sickness.

Along with LSTM, the campaign includes input from Malaria No More, Wellcome, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Save the Children among others. The campaign aims to take the British public on a journey to understand how important the research work that is carried out in the UK benefits global health.

LSTM Director, Professor David Lalloo, said: “The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine aims to break the cycle of poor health and poverty, and as a result we are on the frontline of improving the health and wellbeing of people all over the world. To do so we need continued UK involvement and leadership in science and innovation, and we hope that this campaign can ensure a greater understanding of global health issues across the UK. 

“LSTM’s research has achieved some remarkable things in the fight to improve global health and it’s exciting to see these stories reaching a larger audience through the partnership with Decade of Health.”

Find out how LSTM works to tackle the greatest global health challenges

The campaign runs until late November after which the results will be evaluated.