Donations to LSTM are helping us to train the next generation of global health leaders, develop new ideas and turn knowledge into healthcare to benefit the world's most vulnerable people.

Our 'whole picture' approach means that we work in the field, often in challenging circumstances, to ensure our work meets the needs of those who need it most.

With the support of our donors we are addressing some of the biggest issues holding back the advancement of the world's poorest countries, by breaking the cycle of poor health and poverty.

The problem

These diseases do not just kill people; they can cause irreversible disability.  This has devastating, lifetime consequences on whole families, communities and entire populations.  If parents are unable to work, they will have problems feeding their family.   Responsibility for childcare and work falls to their children, who then cannot attend school.  The opportunity of education and the life chances it brings are snatched away by poor health, and the vicious cycle of poor health and poverty continues. Global health is a complex issue.  The world’s poorest are also the world’s most vulnerable; inadequacies in the most basic hygiene and health resources leave them disproportionately at risk of some of the world’s most devastating diseases.

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