BBC Radio Merseyside with LSTM's Professor Daniela Ferreira

Media 3 Jun 2020

Radio Merseyside's Tony Snell spoke to LSTM’s Daniela Ferreira, Head of Clinical Sciences Department and Professor of Respiratory Vaccines and Infection Immunology, on Radio Merseyside on Wednesday 3rd June.

Daniela gave an update on the current trial of the COVID-19 vaccine that has been developed at the University of Oxford.

The team are looking for volunteers to take part in the trial, from Merseyside, who work in primary care (for example pharmacists, dieticians and other therapists) and any public-facing keyworkers who have been actively working during lockdown. If anyone would like to be considered for the trial, please click here for more information.

Learn about how you can support LSTM’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic here.