E6 - Mary Mpakibi, A journey of strength, courage, and leadership from a TB survivor

Media 7 Jul 2022

In this episode we hear from Mary, a TB survivor who shares her inspirational journey from initial sickness to embarking on multiple complex treatments, lengthy isolation, recovery and finally to unending dedication to offer support, positivity and hope for others living with TB. Key learning and lessons in this story for researchers, policy makers and global health planners.

Mary  Mpakibi

Retention Officer and TB expert champion, Kawempe Home Care 

My name is Mpakibi Mary, am 28 years and currently staying in Kyebando, Kawempe Kampala Uganda. I am working at Kawempe Home Care (KHC) as a Retention Officer and TB expert champion. KHC is a community Based Organisation caring for people living with HIV/AIDS, TB cancer and other health related illness. 

I also work as a cab, Community Advisory Board member with Makerere Lung Institute and a member of Uganda Country Advisory Group (UCAG) under the Light TB project bridging the gap between researchers, health facilities and the communities. 

Some of my contribution are attributed to TB case notification through contact tracing and Community sensitization and screening which contribute to the Total TB cases identified at Kawmpe Home Care and other health facilities as shown in reports attached to the links