Ending TB locally, regionally, nationally, and globally: where are we up to on World TB Day 2022

Media 24 Mar 2022

INTRODUCTION, Dr Tom Wingfield, 12.10-12.15pm

LOCAL, Kate Bradfield and Dave Johnston, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Liverpool TB Services, 12.15-12.25pm: challenges and successes in TB care in Merseyside 

REGIONAL, Dr Celia Hogan, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, 12.25-12.35pm: an update on the North West region TB scenario with a focus on recent efforts to screen and support people arriving from Afghanistan 

NATIONAL, Dr Kerry Millington, UKAPTB Co-Chair, 12.35-12.45pm: a brief overview of the United Kingdom Academics and Professionals to End TB group

GLOBAL, Dr Tom Wingfield, LSTM, 12.45-12.55pm: a look at where we’re up to in our global response to TB, including the impact of Covid-19 and Liverpool’s efforts

Q&A and close, 12.55-1.10pm: Let’s take things forward!