COVID-19: LSTM's Dr Tom Wingfield answers questions from LSTM's overseas partners

News article 20 Mar 2020

LSTM’s Dr. Tom Wingfield, in conversation with Professor Sally Theobald from the ARISE Hub, has produced a number of videos responding to questions that came through the Arise partners, in particular Slum-Shack Dwellers International, about COVID-19. 

Initially produced for ARISE, a consortium led by LSTM that aims to enhance accountability and improve the health and wellbeing of poor, marginalised people living in informal urban settings, they have relevance to a much wider audience.

Covering topics such as the symptoms of COVID-19, who is most at risk and how to maintain good mental health in social isolation, the videos are available on LSTM’s YouTube channel.

Professor Sally Theobald said: “I want to thank Tom for giving us such accessible answers that are relevant not only to our multiple partners in ARISE and throughout LSTM programmes, but also to the wider public. We are grateful for his time, his solidarity and his clear responses. As Tom says in the video - we are all in it together!”